When reflecting on the website and all it contains, I realized that it doesn’t contain all of the podcast episodes on the primary blog feed that we have done in the year thus far. With that being said, I wanted to note that these episodes can be accessed through the “Podcast” page. I figured I would include a post here that lists off the episodes that are not present on the primary feed. This way, if you are a new listener, you can see some of the topics we have discussed so far. For episodes from the first year of the podcast, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to let you know what I have. We’re hoping to create an archive at some point in the future. 

Ep. 050 – biblical meditation

Ep. 053 – Q&A Women Pastors, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Trinity

Ep. 054 – Henry the Heretic and Build-A-God workshop

Ep. 057 – Christian Survey Breakdown

Ep. 059 – Work and Money, and the Social Justice Statement

Ep. 060 – Anxiety, Dark nights, and Apathy

Ep. 061 – Q&A and a Theological Rant on Popular Christianity

Ep. 062 – The Latin Versions and a quick Q&A

Ep. 064 – My Testimony

Ep. 067 – Survey, Salvation, Secularism, and Worship

Ep. 069 – Puritan – Thanksgiving Special

Ep. 070 – Reflections and Q&A

Ep. 072 – Homosexuality and Religion

Ep. 073 – The Doctrine and Jesus of Roman Catholicism

Ep. 075 – Q&A, TULIP, Translation, and Canon

Ep. 077 – Doth Father know you readeth not his book?

Ep. 078 – Jason Lisle, Abortion, Regeneration, and Text Types

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Thank you and I hope you enjoy the show! 




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