In today’s episode (80) we have an awesome guest Mike Clark and we’re talking on an important topic today, the “Dangers of Bethel”. We touch on a lot of pressing issues today and hope that this can be a means by which truth comes to light on the dangers of Bethel church and what is coming out of Bethel. Make sure you check out their page and their work at “Bethel Church and Christianity” on facebook here.

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  1. Great discussion! I was pleased to hear the Mormon music and “gateway drug” analogies, as these are examples I have used in my own conversations with people. I do believe that today’s unholy amalgam of NAR/prosperity/attractional church is the key doctrinal battleground of our time.

    • Hey Chris! Yeah, Mike did a fantastic job in this episode and the parallel with Mormonism is perfect for this situation. It is forever an example I will use moving forward too. I agree with you too, and it seems like the church is being a little too quiet on it.

    • Thank you – i appreciate your honesty. Speaking God’s absolute truth and comparing Bethel music to the Mormon cult was very helpful for me. I’m curious – Would you have to consider Bethel Church and their non-Biblical, heretical beliefs a cult as well? Are Hillsong and Elevation Worship essentially “cults” as well?

  2. Brilliantly done. My wife and I were in a southern baptist church where I was a worship team member. I questioned playing jesus culture because of it’s origin and was told by both pastors that the words were sound which makes it ok. We studied about bethel for about 9 months then submitted a paper to them why we should not play their music as worship to our Holy God. We included scripture and videos of Johnsons heretical rantings. They suggested we had blasphemed the Holy Spirit and in that email basically told us, don’t let the door hit you on your way out. We have listened to some of the sermons online and the former pastor has lost sight of the true Father and now has focused on signs and wonders He says if you do not hear God’s voice audibly you are not saved. None of our friends will listen We are now in a southern baptist church where the pastor will not allow music from bethel, hillsong or any of their affiliates. A true shepherd in every way. Thank God. God bless you and your efforts to shed light on this horrible darkness.

    • Mike truly nailed this issue down, in my opinion. It makes me really happy to hear that this issue is being pressed and brought to light more and more! I’m sorry to hear about the struggles you went through. I would love to read your paper if you still have it! That is absolutely crazy about your situation. That is awesome about your new church. Thank you so much for reaching out and commenting and like I said, I would love to read your paper if it is still available! You can email it at

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