I had the fun privilege of reading Dr. Robert Godfrey’s book Saving the Reformation and writing up a guest review at solasandstruggles.com! Not only was it a fantastic and interesting read, but it was also very informative!

Here’s an excerpt of my review:

On November 13th , 1618, in Dordrecht, Holland, delegates would meet to address the Remonstrance of 1610. The Remonstrance of 1610 caused a significant controversy with its five theological points and it was the mission of the Synod of Dort to reply to the challenge of the Remonstrants, who would later be known as Arminians. While a confession of faith did not emerge from the Synod, nor a complete summery of Reformed Theology, the Canons of Dort provided, “five answers to the five errors of Arminianism.”

Read the entire review here.

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