In this week’s episode I had the privilege of discussing with Casey Barker and Sean Wortman on the topic of Christ-Centered business. If you haven’t listened to that episode you should do so by going here. You can also check out their website here and their facebook here.

This episode was enjoyable on several levels. First off, both guests are great guys whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for quite some time. Secondly, these guys have great coffee, and lastly, and most importantly, these guys are great examples of how to live for the Lord. I truly believe their story is of great encouragement.

Some of the big takeaways from this episode are as follows:

Move in Faith/trust – While this is simple we often fail to put it into practice. Sometimes it seems like we are more of a praying generation rather than an acting generation. With that, we should pray, and step in faith. The guys in the episode, as they discussed their journey, gave us a great picture of how this looks.

Stand firm – The idea of standing firm in your beliefs and convictions is so vital in our day and age where we are asked to stand down or compromise. We should be firm in our convictions in an appropriate manner. This also means not compromising the integrity of our work.

Stop Compartmentalizing – This point stuck out quite a bit and it is so important. We do tend to compartmentalize our faith, and this shouldn’t be the case. The guys made the point that we separate 80% of our day (at work) from our faith and that closes a lot of doors. In the larger scheme, how many times do we try to keep our faith in a box that can be moved away from other boxes in our lives? We need to unpack these boxes and begin all of our lives through what Jesus has done for us.

Offend for the right reason – Another great point was the reality that we will often offend for the wrong reasons when the most offensive thing should be the message of the cross. The  point was made namely with politics, in which Christians will often dive into in various situations and offend with politics, but why not offend with the Gospel instead of politics? If you are going to offend, offend with the gospel!

Do all things for Him – This sums up the episode, I believe. We should do all things for God. How is it that man should live? To glorify God. I think this is a lens by which we should view our day and world. If we can be consistent in that, we would find ourselves being more consistent in taking seriously these other points.

I hope you all enjoyed this episode and these guests! Even if you are not in the area, send them some encouragement and love on their social media!

God bless you all!







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