Hi Everyone!

I figured I would introduce myself a bit since I’ve been mentioned from time to time by Nick as the guy in the back making all the nerdy stuff tick! My name is Joshua, though Josh is fine, I’m 26 and have been Christian for something like 3 years at this point. I had the fortune to have Nick be the one to baptize me when it came time. I was raised Catholic, turned atheist early in high school and then was more agnostic mid way through my High School career until I was baptized by Nick and turned my life over to Christ.

Lets see, what else. On my mothers side I am the oldest of 4 boys, but if I take my dad’s side into account I am the middle child of 4th of 10. Dad was a bit busy in his earlier years.

I work in IT (System Engineer, Network Engineering, IT Consulting) and would say that I am a jack of all trades. I’m proficient in a lot of different areas that would be considered IT though my primary focus is InfoSec, CyberSecurity and Administration of Windows Environments from small SMB to Enterprise networks. I’m still fairly young in the career and on my 8th year.

Nick has been a major resource to me personally and when it came time that he was really kicking off his Podcast and Blog I knew I had to help him become available to more people. We started with a skimpy little site that was static and basic HTML to here and managing a full WordPress Instance of our own, while also having our own custom Email Addresses which is pretty basic. We’ve come a long way and I hope we can go further. I’m usually lurking around the IG page and usually watching so just say hi when you see me. Feel free to chat with me!

A couple of things I wanted to ask you guys:

  1. We mentioned it once before, but would you guys be interested in an Christian Centered Tech segment with ChristIsTheCure? Maybe going through some apps, how to live life Christian with Technology. Maybe even more basic things about just being safe with Technology now that we are all more connected than ever?
  2. I’ve been slowly putting together a SubReddit for those of you who do use Reddit. While Nick may not be that involved in Reddit I figured building a community there for discussion would be something to try out. So for those of you that are interested head over the r/ChristIsTheCure and we’ll see if we can get it growing. I also have other links there for other places we could all likely talk on!

In General, I would like to know if you guys want to see more from me and if so what would you like to see? Any recommendations, comments or concerns on the technology side as far as the Ministry goes?

Feel free to reach out to chat or if you have any questions that are more suited to my forte of Technology. You can reach me at joshua@christisthecure.org




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  1. Hi! My name is Daniel, and I’m a fan of the podcast! I have a question: What do you recommend as a basic setup for a podcast? I ask because my pastor has a small (so far) podcast, and it does not sound very good, quality-wise.

    • Hey Daniel! I’m glad you enjoy the podcast. So when I first started I used a USB mic (the AT2020) with garage band. Now I’m using an AG03 Yamaha Mixer, with an XLR version of the At2020 (still with garage band). Usually the Mic will make or break it and while my USB AT2020 quality was good, the XLR changed the quality drastically. Feel free to email me or Josh about your setup and perhaps we can offer some ideas!

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