I hope everyone is doing well and I wanted to give y’all a little list of expectations. What does that mean?

Well first let me bore you by saying that next week’s episode will not be the Theology Series episode (I know, will we ever finish this?), but rather the first joint episode with Undying Light. It will be a show within a show (called “The Round Table”) and it will be featured on my podcast as well as theirs. It’ll be fun and will be its own little series within the show. So, because I dropped the ball on the theology series, we’ll actually put next week’s episode up early (Monday instead of Thursday).

What does the “Expectations” part mean? Well, below you’ll find a list of expected episodes for the upcoming weeks. Though, one week there will not be an episode because I’ll be out of town (feeling cute, might snag a special, extra, episode while I’m out of town, I don’t know). I left the episodes un-numbered because this potential special episode could/would throw it all off, so we’ll see what happens. Additionally, another Round Table Episode may be within this range of episodes as well.

Confirmed Episodes: 

  • The Round Table – Ep. 01
  • Theology Series – Angels and Demons
  • Special Episode (?) – Ambiguity
  • The Message Bible – Passion Translation
  • Theology Series
  • NAR/Bethel Revisited
  • Theology Series
  • Romans 9
  • Theology Series
  • King James Revisited


Submitted ideas to be researched/explored: 

  • Mormonism
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses revisited
  • Pentacostalism
  • Hebrew Roots
  • Black Hebrew Israelites
  • Arminianism
  • Temptation
  • The Council of Nicea
  • Enoch/Apocrypha


Any ideas, comments, or thoughts? Leave them below! And I’ll add them to the submitted this! What type of content would be most helpful for you at this point!

Thank you all for your continued love and support. It is a pleasure working with and for you guys.

-Nick Campbell









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