We have had a big change to the website in hopes that it is more accessible. I’ve tried to make it where things are easier to find. The old format of a single feed seems to have been a pain and so hopefully this proves to be better!

Over the next few days and/or weeks, I’ll be tweaking the website here and there and adding some things. Just as well, we’ll have some posts coming soon. One big change is the “Chat” in the menu. Whether or not it’ll ever be used is up in the air, but we’ll try it out! It has a max capacity of 40 users at one time, but I cannot imagine that being a problem at the moment. You check check it out by clicking here. If it proves to be dead all the time than I’ll remove it.

Currently I have a line up of topics and I’m excited as we go into the future. That all said, pardon the changes and I hope they are for the better.




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