I reviewed this book simply because it is worth reviewing. Costi Hinn has done a fantastic job with this book and I think it will be an eye opener for anyone who reads it. Not only that, but it is very accessible making it perfect for most everyone.

The majority of the book is Costi Hinn’s testimony where you see honesty, deep reflection, and respect on a subject that must have been hard to write on. When I was reading through this work two things came to mind 1) wow, this is crazier than I thought and 2) Costi handled a very personal subject in a very tactful and objective manner. This is to say that you can see Costi’s heart for the gospel throughout the book while you’re getting deeper insights into the prosperity movement.

The book is a fairly short read, and it is pretty difficult to put down, in fact, I finished it the same day that I received it! As mentioned prior, the book begins with Costi’s testimony, but he doesn’t stop there, in fact, he gives the readers three chapters and two appendices that point out why this book needed to be written and how to help others. In one chapter Costi also provides a “balanced view on health and wealth”, which is entirely appropriate and will be beneficial for anyone who was once caught up in the prosperity movement. He also provides a chapter on “how to reach those caught in deception” and what I found is that throughout the book Costi shares texts of scripture that Prosperity teachers will use, which can better prepare readers for interacting with those caught up in this movement. The appendices are equally helpful, the first answering common questions and the second providing further reading. All in all, every portion of this book is helpful and worth the purchase.

I think this book can be helpful for the christian seeking to understand the prosperity movement for the first time, but that isn’t its primary aim as far as I can tell. I would say that this book will be most helpful for those stuck in the prosperity gospel! I think this work can speak volumes to those in these movements, which makes this book a fantastic gift for those around you who may be stuck in this mindset. Another group that could benefit from this book are those who brush off the prosperity gospel as if it is not important or dangerous. That said, it is hard to say that only a certain group will benefit from this book given how prominent and far reaching this movement is.

This book is fantastic, purchase it here

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