My pride didn’t want me to put this post up.

My pride turns me into a hypocrite

My pride turns me against my family

My pride turns me against the church

My pride stirs up anger

My pride uses sacred study as a club

My pride uses God’s word as a club

My pride destroys compassion

My pride destroys forgiveness

My pride destroys integrity

My pride wins petty arguments

My pride loses important people

My pride makes me the chief of all saints

My pride makes me the lesser of all sinner

My pride uses my tongue to set fires

My pride uses knowledge to stone my brother

My pride tries to make me king

My pride is what destroys me


The Father’s grace is sufficient

The Son’s intercession limitless

The Spirit’s advocacy living

The Cross has crucified me with the king

And Christ has raised me to life abounding

May repentance be ever defining

And may I mortify the flesh that seeks to kill

And may I take my cross up that hill

May I love God and neighbor

Despite my pride which loves neither.



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