So I wanted to put something out that was helpful for everyone and so I made this set of graphics. They are ten graphics – nine of which define and help you categorize some of the aspects within systematic theology. Naturally, there are more aspects than those listed on the graphics and each aspect can go miles deep, but I hope this will help put the definitions and categories into perspective. You’ll see some overlap because there simply is overlap when we discuss things such as Pneumatology and regeneration along with soteriology. 

You may also notice that I did not create a slide for bibliology  – the doctrine of the bible – and this is the case because in some sense it falls under Theology Proper (Revelation – special revelation), but also because I am presupposing it. So I hope these graphics are helpful in some shape or form, God bless!

If you’re new to the page – you can check out the theology series here, which is a survey of systematic theology.


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