Hey everyone!

I just realized that we haven’t done an update in a long time and I just happened to start looking at some stats and thought it would be great.

With the big news first! If you haven’t heard we have added several people to the CITC team! We’ve added two podcasters and six writers to the team! I can say with certainty that all of these individuals will put out quality content as we move forward here at CITC. Check out the team on the about page (also working on that Josh picture, he’s a stubborn one). We also updated the website to have a more accessible Statement of Faith page!

The second update is the Historia Ecclesiastica project, which I hope to launch in 2022 which will be a podcast dedicated to church history. Keep an eye out for updates on that by subscribing to the website via email, or checking out the Instagram page we’re running for it here. In the meantime, checkout the landing page and the trailer for it here.

2020 was a great year for CITC as many people were utilizing the internet more. I can’t count the number of emails and discussions I’ve had about the gospel, but it has been beautiful. We’ve had countless and continuous testimonies about a newfound zeal for the scriptures and theology because of the content at CITC as well as testimonies of difficulties overcome on various issues! To tack it on here; the Christmas episode resulted in hundreds of emails and messages about consciences made clean through the analysis of the Holiday, which was to my surprise, and now that episode (148) is still the top episode of CITC of all time.

Overall, across all platforms, we have hit 45,000 subscribers. Yesterday the podcast was also added to Audible, Amazon Music, and we fixed the Google Podcast fiasco and the google links on the website! If you didn’t notice, the website had a renovation (which I personally think looks great).

Additionally CITC is international reaching countries around the world and even having some of our graphics translated by friends over seas! Check out this translation of our Theology graphics in Hindi by Pastor Sandip Kamble in India.

Here’s our top 50 countries for the year:

  1. 🇺🇸United States
  2. 🇨🇦Canada
  3. 🇦🇺Australia
  4. 🇬🇧United Kingdom
  5. 🇿🇦South Africa
  6. 🇩🇪Germany
  7. 🇳🇿New Zealand
  8. 🇰🇪Kenya
  9. 🇮🇪Ireland
  10. 🇵🇭Philippines
  11. 🇸🇪Sweden
  12. 🇭🇰Hong Kong
  13. 🇦🇪United Arab Emirates
  14. 🇮🇳India
  15. 🇲🇽Mexico
  16. 🇨🇱Chile
  17. 🇳🇱Netherlands
  18. 🇸🇬Singapore
  19. 🇨🇭Switzerland
  20. 🇷🇺Russian Federation
  21. 🇯🇵Japan
  22. 🇦🇹Austria
  23. 🇪🇸Spain
  24. 🇳🇴Norway
  25. 🇩🇰Denmark
  26. 🇮🇩Indonesia
  27. 🇧🇷Brazil
  28. 🇫🇷France
  29. 🇵🇷Puerto Rico
  30. 🇲🇾Malaysia
  31. 🇳🇬Nigeria
  32. 🇮🇱Israel
  33. 🇵🇹Portugal
  34. 🇷🇼Rwanda
  35. 🇮🇹Italy
  36. 🇹🇹Trinidad and Tobago
  37. 🇧🇪Belgium
  38. 🇷🇴Romania
  39. 🇺🇦Ukraine
  40. 🇧🇸Bahamas
  41. 🇯🇲Jamaica
  42. 🇬🇭Ghana
  43. 🇨🇷Costa Rica
  44. 🇬🇪Georgia
  45. 🇩🇴Dominican Republic
  46. 🇫🇮Finland
  47. 🇸🇦Saudi Arabia
  48. 🇦🇱Albania
  49. 🇹🇼Taiwan, Province of China
  50. 🇵🇪Peru

All in all CITC is doing well and I want to thank everyone for being apart of this as it continues to truck on. I especially want to thank my patrons who make this all happen (hosting, storage, expansion, etc) and in fact, Historia Ecclesiastica simply wouldn’t be an option to entertain without you guys.

At any rate, I look forward to another great year, continue to pray for CITC as we move forward, and God bless you all.


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