This week we are discussing Easter, specially looking at the question of whether or not Easter is pagan. We cover a range of issues on the subject and I hope it proves to be helpful in some shape or form!  


I. Introduction  0:00 – 6:19

II. Theological Presuppositions 6:20 – 8:27

III. Claims of the Negative Case 8:28 – 19:17

IV. Linguistics and Easter 19:18 – 23:51

V. The Positive Case 25:52 – 28:56

VI. The Controversy of Easter 28:56 – 32:30

VII. Odds and Ends 32:31 – 41:55

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Resources and further reading on today’s subject:

 Christian F. Cruse, translation notes of Eusebius of Caesarea, An Ecclesiastical History to the Twentieth Year of the Reign of Constantine, 4th ed. (London: Oxford Univ. Press, 1847), 221

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