In this spontaneous episode, I discuss my thoughts on “Rediscover Bethel” and cover some key points, especially because of claims I had made in the past. I hope my goals, which are laid out in this episode, are met. See the follow up here.

Some additional information:

Nature refers to what something is. Nature is synonyms with essence, and substance.
Divine Nature: God with corresponding attributes and capacities.
Human Nature: humans with corresponding attributes and capacities.

Essence is the fundamental nature of something – it is what makes something what it is without it being something else. Natures do not act, a person acts through their nature. A person is the “who.” The person subsists in their nature and acts through its capacities. The Person, the Eternal Son, added to himself a human nature. The divine and human nature do not act, but it is the person of the Son acting in and through his two natures.

See the Historical Chalcedonian Creed:

Christology Book noted by Stephen Wellum:

Episode 160 on Philippians 2:5-11

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Rediscover Bethel and Parts 1& 2:

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