Over the summer I developed the “patron’s corner” (take a look here) on the website in order to give back to patrons and provide exclusive content to those who wished to further support myself and CITC as a whole as I would like to do more with CITC part time, which requires, well, time. 

The Patron’s corner is an ongoing project of adding courses, throughout the year, on a variety of subjects that are exclusive to Patrons. We just wrapped our first test run, which was/is an eight week “Crash Course Theology.” Currently I’m working on the next course, but since we finished the first one, I figured I would share the first session of Crash Course Theology as a thank you to everyone who is a part of CITC and as a preview for potential patrons. 

That all said, thank you all for your support and I hope that we can continue to put together materials that bless you in some shape or form. 

If you’re interested in becoming a patron you can learn details at patreon.com/christisthecure (note the perks in each tier) or feel free to email me at nick.campbell@christisthecure.org.


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