In today’s world truth has become an ambiguous concept, and in the face of this we must hold fast to the reality that truth is objective. With such an affirmation we recognize the contradictions of other worldviews and religions. It is firmly held here that Jesus is the only way to salvation (John 14:6). Since it is reality that Jesus is the only savior of men, it is important that the true Jesus is known! There are many false Jesus’ in various group settings and a false Jesus cannot save anyone!

Christ is the Cure is named such because Christ is the cure for humanities’ biggest problem, sin. The heart of theology is knowing God, and it is the studying of who God is, and so the focus of theology here at Christ is the Cure is the means by which we know deeper the message of scripture and the great physician, Jesus Christ. At Christ is the Cure we focus on theology and apologetics for the sake of truly knowing the one true God and the one true Savior, Jesus Christ.

With that all being said; this podcast is dedicated to bringing back an interest in theology, and the application of said theology. I want this show to be a resource for Christians in terms of discipleship, growth, apologetics, and general theology. All episodes are grounded in the biblical worldview, and I adhere to sola scriptura.

I hope that this podcast proves to be grounded in scripture, and that it may be a blessing to you in your Christian walk. I am always happy to talk to individuals and so feel free to contact me! Leave your thoughts, and questions, or you can even leave topic ideas for future episodes.



I am Nick Campbell, the host of “Christ is the Cure.” I am married to a lovely physical therapist, Rebekah and we have a wonderful daughter, Amelia and a baby boy, Logan. This podcast is one of the various ways I use the tools of today to minister to those that I can within my crammed schedule! 24131050_10209884844507229_8062916040755435458_n

I once was a very aggressive atheist, probably more accurately defined as an anti-theist, who hated religion and of course Christianity. I made it a point to attack the faith and I enjoyed doing so. Logically, my atheism took me down to nihilism in which I hit a point of deep contemplation and after three years of painful research, toil, and turmoil, I found relief in meeting Jesus Christ. Plagued by the one question reminiscent of Pilate, “What is truth?” I met Christ. Being fully aware of my sin and the truthfulness of scripture, I found myself relaying that classic saying, “nothing in my hand I bring, simply to the cross I cling.” 

I pray that my work blesses you, and I always enjoy feedback. God bless you all!


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