2nd Edition – Revised and Expanded

Holidays and the Feasts, revised and expanded, looks at three major subjects: The Old Testament feasts, Christmas, and Easter. Within this book the author examines the alleged pagan roots of Christmas and Easter, provides a biblical case for celebrating Christmas, and answers the question “are Christians obligated to observe Old Testament feasts?”

Part 1 

Christians and the Feasts examines the Old Testament feasts, their function, and how Christians should understand them today.

Part 2

Christmas and Paganism looks at the claims regarding the pagan roots of Christmas while answering question such as is Christmas linked to Sol Invictus, Saturnalia, Tammuz, or Nimrod?

Part 3

A Biblical Case for Celebrating Christmas seeks to present the biblical case for celebrating the incarnation.

Part 4

Easter and Paganism surveys the Easter controversy and addresses whether or not Easter is an ancient pagan goddess.