Today I have the pleasure of reviewing, “Deceived No More” by Doreen Virtue, which is a testimonial of Doreen’s Journey from the New age movement into Christianity. 

One of the first observations of this book was that it differs from other testimony books that I have read in that Doreen points continuously to the truth while describing her journey. To elaborate, when she describes practices and teachings of her past – she pauses to explain what was erroneous about said practices and teachings and then points to the truth. I found this to be both refreshing and extremely helpful. This is helpful in respect to those who may be reading it from the New Age perspective or even Christians who are fairly young in the faith. Along with this, the book actually has a section in the back with “10 Reasons Why New Age and Christianity cannot blend”, which outlines a good deal of what is expressed within the book in a quick and accessible format. 

Another observation about the content is that Doreen takes time to explain concepts that could otherwise be glossed over and even expands on these concepts. One example of this is found in the chapter, “Apostasy, Heresy, and Confusion” in which Doreen takes time to describe some common heresies that are taught by false prophets before moving into more of her testimony. I think this really is a great way to present a testimony and I think it’ll be helpful for the reader who hasn’t thought through these ideas. This, like the appendix mentioned previously, has a supplemental and helpful tool, “New Age Lingo” that details how the New Age defines concepts and terms that would otherwise be understood differently in orthodox circles. 

These two previous observations make Doreen’s testimony not only an amazing journey of God’s grace, but also an informative apologetic primer in regards to the New Age. Particularly fascinating to me personally was when Doreen would speak regarding her New Age tours and the mentality she had while participating in them. Doreen’s testimony provides insights into the New Age ‘scene’ that I otherwise wouldn’t have even known existed and her discussions on Christian Science were incredibly interesting. In this all, Doreen’s book shows the importance of showing the scriptures to those who are caught up in this movement of blending New Age and Christianity, especially in our climate today where such a blend has become mainstream. Aside from the informational aspect of this book – the author is a clear and heartfelt writer who also takes time in various instances to apologize for her teachings in the past. This is all to say, the book was very accessible and loaded with a fascinating journey that keeps you in the book while also giving you significant information. 

In regards to the unnecessary controversy surrounding the book: While there are certain individuals insisting that Doreen is deceived because she struggled to navigate through an experience (as we all do during our walks, regardless of what the experiences are) it becomes quite evident in Doreen’s work, both in the book and outside of the book, that she is pointing people away from New Age and to Christianity. You simply cannot look at her work and say, “she is still teaching New Age and deceiving.” Such accusations are articulated by individuals who have found themselves in a delusion of having perfect theology, immediately at the point of regeneration, with no error or accident, making them the lone islands of discernment and arbiters of Doreen’s state of regeneration. While the initial controversy bludgeoned Doreen for her articulation of her experience and not addressing it, it is now bludgeoning her for addressing it: repenting, and fixing it (and editing her book accordingly). Despite that she has fixed the grievance of these individuals, she is, to them, ‘deceiving people’ by editing her book (chapter nine). They simply will not be satisfied with any movement one takes that isn’t their own. As mentioned previously, it is evident in both this work and her work online that she is denouncing New Age, the premise of this book, and pointing to scripture, also put forth in this book. Such critics would do well to remember where they came from, how they are being sanctified, and also remembering Philippians 1:15-18 if they insist they are correct (to which I don’t believe they are).

All in all, Doreen’s book is a great, and informative read pointing to the glorious grace of God. If you’re wanting to peek into the mindset and life of one who was a heavy-hitter in the New Age then this book is for you. I have grown to know and appreciate Doreen over the last year and I think that this book will help the numerous individuals who have a similar journey in the New Age world. 

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