In today’s episode we discuss hermeneutics! I didn’t expect it to become multiple parts, but here […]
Yesterday I put up a post with a quote from John Calvin, “The music must not […]
In today’s episode we continue the baptism series by looking at baptism in the Gospels! Subscribe: […]
In today’s episode we have a special guest discussing a whopper of a topic: Covenant Theology. […]
Today we continue the baptism series with the historical theology of baptism. While the historical data […]
Today we begin the baptism series with an introduction! That is what it is. I hope […]
This particular post will not be exhaustive, but it will act as an introduction to what […]
In today’s episode we wrap up the heresy series for now on the topic of pelagianism. […]
I have come to believe that theological maturity is marked by one’s ability to stand firm […]
In today’s episode we talk a little bit about 2019 and 2020 as well as show […]