In today's episode I briefly touch on my examination of the Message Bible and Passion translation.
Since there won’t be an episode on the show this week, I figured I would schedule […]
In today’s episode we continue the Theology Series by discussing angels and demons.I express my view […]
I had the privilege of writing an article over at on God’s justice and why […]
As time progresses and Christianity becomes more watered down, sin is being hushed throughout our country. […]
I hope everyone is doing well and I wanted to give y’all a little list of […]
In today’s episode we discuss some recent events and further discuss some articles and discussion that […]
As I have dived deeper and deeper into the theology of a well-known movement, I have […]
A couple of days ago I posted My Plea to the Church, which has been received […]
In today’s episode we “hang out” a bit with a Q&A and responses on a couple […]