Today I have the privilege of talking about the book, The Future of Orthodox Anglicanism, which is […]
Today we are reviewing the ESV bible with Creeds and Confessions put out by crossway. I […]
Yesterday I put up a post with a quote from John Calvin, “The music must not […]
This particular post will not be exhaustive, but it will act as an introduction to what […]
I have come to believe that theological maturity is marked by one’s ability to stand firm […]
I had the pleasure of receiving, “Myths and Mistakes in New Testament Textual Criticism” for free in exchange […]
Today we have a special guest, Nate Davis, who has been on the show before to […]
I had the pleasure of receiving the book, “The Missing Gospel of Modern Christianity: Know, Believe, […]
It is that time of year when we see the many discussions and posts on the […]
I reviewed this book simply because it is worth reviewing. Costi Hinn has done a fantastic […]