Here I give a concise version of episode 163 along with some further explanations of my […]
In this spontaneous episode, I discuss my thoughts on “Rediscover Bethel” and cover some key points, […]
In today’s episode we have a special guest, Doreen Virtue. We’re discussing the subject of New […]
In today’s episode we wrap up the heresy series for now on the topic of pelagianism. […]
In this episode of the heresy series we discuss Arianism. I decided to put this episode […]
In this episode we continue the Heresy series by discussing the word of faith/prosperity teachings! Today […]
Today we continue the series on Heresies with a great guest who was kind enough to […]
Today we discuss a movement in the early church that was a major threat and that […]
Today we’re discussing heresy and how we are to define it. We’ll touch on some historical […]
I had a friendly debate/discussion with Jarett on the subject of whether or not we should […]