Introduction The late R. C. Sproul said, “Every Christian is a theologian. We are always engaged […]
When we read through the New Testament, themes can be seen in each book. Romans gives […]
After briefly looking at the history of images of Christ in episode 168, we discuss the […]
In episode 168 we begin a discussion on the use of images in the church beginning […]
In this episode Anthony continues the discussion on cultural and biblical Christianity that he began in […]
In the last decade there has been a seismic shift in how we view and define […]
Perhaps no other question raises the temperature of a room more than, “are women permitted to […]
In this week’s episode, Anthony opens up the podcast to discuss cultural & biblical Christianity. In […]
This week we are looking at the Lord’s Supper, but specifically in relation to the meal […]
This week we are discussing the feasts of the Old Testament, which leads up to the […]