In this week’s episode, Anthony opens up the podcast to discuss cultural & biblical Christianity. In […]
This week we are looking at the Lord’s Supper, but specifically in relation to the meal […]
This week we are discussing the feasts of the Old Testament, which leads up to the […]
This week we are following up on sanctification. We cover a brief theology of the heart […]
This week we are talking sanctification. We try to cover a lot of ground including a […]
In this episode we discuss emotions in the Christian life. I hope to lay out a […]
In this week’s episode we discuss the survey y’all took and some important updates and then […]
In today’s episode I try to do my best to summarize the historical theology surrounding the […]
Today we begin our summer guest series with Josh Hoffman on the topic of Pragmatism. Josh […]
Surprise! Here is the Q&A episode talking about a variety of subjects. If I didn’t get […]