It’s October, or Reformation month, so let us dive into Reformation stuff! We’re going Beyond Luther, […]
In this episode of the heresy series we discuss Arianism. I decided to put this episode […]
Well, contrary to what I said in this episode, it is not episode 109, but rather […]
Today we have the Reformation Day Special, but we hand it off to the fantastic young […]
It is that time of year when we see the many discussions and posts on the […]
In today’s episode we try to expand on the brief mention of “tradition” in episode 105. […]
In today’s episode we discuss those extra books of the Roman Catholic bible and discuss how […]
In today’s episode we discuss how we got our bibles, specifically on the subject of Transmission […]
I had the fun privilege of reading Dr. Robert Godfrey’s book Saving the Reformation and writing […]
Today we have Author Josh Hamon sharing about his work and talking on Martin Luther just […]