This particular post will not be exhaustive, but it will act as an introduction to what […]
I have come to believe that theological maturity is marked by one’s ability to stand firm […]
In today’s episode we talk a little bit about 2019 and 2020 as well as show […]
The one where the title and image are click bait. I hope you all enjoy as […]
In today’s episode we answer questions you guys submitted via instagram and by phone. We cover […]
Well, contrary to what I said in this episode, it is not episode 109, but rather […]
It is that time of year when we see the many discussions and posts on the […]
Today’s episode touches on some things you can expect as Christ is the Cure moves forward! […]
I have been in a swirl of reflection theologically and historically, and recently, the latter has […]
Nominal Christianity has become quite normal and it would be argued that this is evident when […]