I have been in a swirl of reflection theologically and historically, and recently, the latter has […]
I am certainty not a typical book reviewer, however, I had the privilege to request Defining […]
A couple of days ago I posted My Plea to the Church, which has been received […]
Truth with Zeal: In the beginning of the Christian church, Jesus and the apostles, spoke much […]
Many individuals will quickly make statements like “that’s not fair” when we discuss God’s freedom and […]
In today’s episode we wrap up the 2 part episode explaining what TULIP is. I hope […]
In today’s episode we begin the long awaited requested episode on TULIP. This is part 1 […]
In today’s episode we continue the Theology Series by discussing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. […]
This week’s episode focused upon false teachers and false teachings and if you haven’t heard that […]
This last week we discussed burnout with my good friend Kristen Carden. If you haven’t listened […]