See pt. 1 for an explanation as to “why” these articles have been published. Note: This […]
A dear old friend, whom I’ve addressed elsewhere a few times, has recently gone more public […]
In part 1 on the Apocrypha we discuss: Defining the Old Testament Apocrypha/Deuterocanon Broadly highlighting its […]
In this week’s episode we discuss: Deification in Eastern theology Deification in  Western theology (Lutheran & […]
This week we continue through Nicaea and begin our discussion on the Holy Spirit! Christ is […]
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This week we continue the “Through Nicaea” series and move into our next line, “Through Him […]
Kenosis Examined The other week we briefly discussed the big whopper of a topic, the kenosis […]
This week we continue the “Through Nicaea” series and finish our discussion on the Eternal Generation […]