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Ep. 099 – Jehovah’s Witnesses

In today’s episode we talk about the theological cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses! We have talked about this group before, but here we provide some supplemental and additional information while retouching on some of the classic information others have found helpful! For the “classic” episodes on the subject, feel free to email me at and…

By Nick Campbell August 8, 2019 0

Ep. 098 – The Apocrypha

In today’s episode we discuss those extra books of the Roman Catholic bible and discuss how they came to be included in Rome’s text. We address several myths and questions while also trying to tell the entire story in a condensed fashion. Subscribe: Itunes | Google | Spotify| Soundcloud| IHeart Radio| RSS Feed “All I…

By Nick Campbell July 31, 2019 0

Don’t Skip Sin

As time progresses and Christianity becomes more watered down, sin is being hushed throughout our country. This is even occurring in a number of our churches. Perhaps it was the seeker-sensitive movement, or perhaps it was/is the sensitive seekers, but regardless, this is a key we cannot reshape. If we reshape the key of sin,…

By Nick Campbell May 4, 2019 0