Today we discuss a movement in the early church that was a major threat and that […]
Today we’re discussing heresy and how we are to define it. We’ll touch on some historical […]
I had a friendly debate/discussion with Jarett on the subject of whether or not we should […]
In today’s episode we talk about the theological cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses! We have talked about […]
In today’s episode we discuss those extra books of the Roman Catholic bible and discuss how […]
In today’s episode we retouch on information presented in other discussions while also including additional information […]
I had the pleasure of appearing on Theology Nights with Brad Weber in which we discussed […]
I am certainty not a typical book reviewer, however, I had the privilege to request Defining […]
In today's episode I briefly touch on my examination of the Message Bible and Passion translation.
As time progresses and Christianity becomes more watered down, sin is being hushed throughout our country. […]