Available to order now in Paperback and preorder for kindle. To amazon ↗ This week we […]
In this episode we discuss emotions in the Christian life. I hope to lay out a […]
In this week’s episode we discuss the survey y’all took and some important updates and then […]
In today’s episode we discuss Romans 7:14-25, specifically on the discussion on whether or not Paul […]
Today we conclude the summer guest series with Blake White who joins us to discuss New […]
In this week’s episode we are discussing with Kevin Grasso on the subject of biblical languages […]
In today’s episode we had the honor of discussing with Stephen Wellum on Progressive Covenantalism. It […]
In today’s episode we continue and wrap up our brief discussion on hermeneutics! Subscribe: Itunes | […]
In today’s episode we discuss hermeneutics! I didn’t expect it to become multiple parts, but here […]