In today’s episode we answer questions you guys submitted via instagram and by phone. We cover […]
In this episode of the heresy series we discuss Arianism. I decided to put this episode […]
Well, contrary to what I said in this episode, it is not episode 109, but rather […]
Today we have the Reformation Day Special, but we hand it off to the fantastic young […]
In today’s episode we try to expand on the brief mention of “tradition” in episode 105. […]
Today we’re discussing heresy and how we are to define it. We’ll touch on some historical […]
The end is here! Well..the end of the theology series. We conclude this brief survey of […]
Today we continue the theology series, and talk on Ecclesiology! I hope it is helpful and […]
Today we continue the Theology Series with a special episode on Soteriology. If this episode leaves […]
In today’s episode we continue the theology series with a special host Paul! Paul was gracious […]