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Ep. 092 – Romans 9

In today’s episode we talk about the 9th chapter of Romans, specifically regarding soteriology. Subscribe: Itunes | Google | Spotify| Soundcloud| IHeart Radio| RSS Feed “It’s Your Grace” Words and Music by Bob Kauflin and Doug Plank. © 2013 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI). All rights reserved. Used by permission. Here are some of the…

By Nick Campbell May 30, 2019 2

Law & Love

Since there won’t be an episode on the show this week, I figured I would schedule out a quick article on the law of God. Many are taken aback when they are faced with the law of God, even amongst Christians, there is this notion that the law is “taboo”. Yet, when examining the law,…

By Nick Campbell May 15, 2019 0


I had the privilege of writing an article over at on God’s justice and why God’s justice is good. The subject goes deep and wide and so the article is fairly focused in its message. I hope you enjoy it and it was an honor to write it. Here is an excerpt: “God’s glory…

By Nick Campbell May 8, 2019 0