By Leanne Waters I remember having dinner with a friend awhile back and towards the end […]
Overcorrection in driving refers to when a driver grabs their steering wheel and abruptly turns it […]
The one where the title and image are click bait. I hope you all enjoy as […]
In today’s episode we continue the Theology Series by discussing angels and demons.I express my view […]
As I have dived deeper and deeper into the theology of a well-known movement, I have […]
A couple of days ago I posted My Plea to the Church, which has been received […]
Truth with Zeal: In the beginning of the Christian church, Jesus and the apostles, spoke much […]
Many individuals will quickly make statements like “that’s not fair” when we discuss God’s freedom and […]
In today’s episode we wrap up the 2 part episode explaining what TULIP is. I hope […]
In today’s episode we begin the long awaited requested episode on TULIP. This is part 1 […]