In today’s episode we continue the Theology Series by discussing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. […]
This week’s episode focused upon false teachers and false teachings and if you haven’t heard that […]
In today’s episode we talked with Alex and Paul from the Undying Light podcast on the […]
On the show this week we dove into the doctrine of the Holy Spirit a bit […]
I had the fun privilege of reading Dr. Robert Godfrey’s book Saving the Reformation and writing […]
In today’s episode (81) we begin the two part study on the doctrine of the Holy […]
Thursday on the show we discussed Jehovah’s Witnesses with Nelson Sanchez, which you should listen to […]
In today’s episode (79) we have a fantastic guest, Nelson Sanchez, talking on Jehovah’s Witnesses and […]
Today we get to part 2 of the deity of Christ in which we examine some […]
Today we go into the deity of Christ a bit, which will lead us into a […]