By the end of February The podcast will be relaunched (This will by extension affect the website and social media pages)

What this means:

  1. Most episodes have been removed from the podcast feed (A few episodes such as guest episodes will remain up). This means that the episodes that remain up will retain their original episode numbering in order to have ease of reference, resulting in bizarre episode numbering older episodes.
  2. These Old CITC Episodes are available for Patrons to download via a zip file (2nd tier and up)
  3. Through Nicaea will mark the official Relaunch of the show
  4. Many old topics will be re-recorded with more diligence, and research.

What to expect from the Relaunch:

  1. A larger focus on Series, that are consecutive 
  2. Topics addressed in a manner that match the growth of the show
  3. Occasional live shows

Reasons for the relaunch:

Over the years, there has been a lot of growth for me personally and by extension CITC. As I have grown, and as I compare Current episodes with past episodes, I realize how the quality of CITC has improved dramatically. I look at old Topics that I addressed and realize there is much that could be adjusted, added, and revised. 

CITC has always wanted to provide quality over quantity, and this has become more prominent over the last year or two. I want that focus to be consistent across all CITC content. 

With that all said, I hope you find value and excitement in the relaunch. I have been considering this relaunch for about a year and a half now and so I don’t do so lightly.

If there are topics that I have touched on in the past that you think I should be sure to reboot/remake, leave a comment. 

God bless you all and thank you for being a part of CITC.




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