Last week I was blessed and privileged to attend the G3 conference on the doctrine of […]
Over the summer I developed the “patron’s corner” (take a look here) on the website in […]
In this spontaneous episode, I discuss my thoughts on “Rediscover Bethel” and cover some key points, […]
Hey everyone! I just realized that we haven’t done an update in a long time and […]
In this week’s episode we discuss the survey y’all took and some important updates and then […]
So I wanted to put something out that was helpful for everyone and so I made […]
Hey everyone! Quick update today, because I realized that I only made this announcement on social […]
We have had a big change to the website in hopes that it is more accessible. […]
Today’s episode touches on some things you can expect as Christ is the Cure moves forward! […]
I hope everyone is doing well and I wanted to give y’all a little list of […]